Forest and environment

Sustainable developement as topic of our projects

Sustainable development is today an essential part of the project implementation phase. Our multidisciplinary performances in the environment and forestry sector support your projects from the preliminary study to the execution phase.

Forest roads
  • From the preliminary study to the execution phase
  • Forest planning
  • Optimization of forest roads
Forest management
  • Forest planning and maps
  • Support to oforest owners
  • Clearcuts
  • Forest support
  • Expertise
  • Forest reservation and parks
  • Support for biodiversity
  • Ecological compensation
  • Mapping (forest, planning, roads, measures, ...)
  • Plantations
  • Inventory
  • Sylviculture and protective forests
Wood and logging
  • Logging planning
  • Logging management
  • Environmental support for working grounds
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Soil analysis
  • Environmental performance evaluation
  • Environmental and pollution evaluation of polluted soils
  • Management of polluted soils
  • Decontamination and planning
  • Building diagnostics with identification of building materials and toxic materials such as asbestos or heavy metals
Wind turbines
  • Planning of on shore wind mills