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History of the company

Since 2006, our company has been providing its expertise in the field of environment to the cantons, municipalities and private individuals.

EcoEng (stands for Ecology & Engineering) is an engineering company founded by two forest engineers in 2006. The head office is located in Porrentruy, in the Canton of Jura, and operates in several Swiss cantons and abroad.

For specific problems or when special technical skills are required, we work with local partner companies.

Key data

Our team

Federico Ferrario

Managing director
Chairman of board of administration

Forest engineer ETHZ/SIA
MAS Hydraulic Engineering EPFL

Cédric Choffat

Managing Director Deputy
Members of the Board of Directors

Forest engineer ETHZ/SIA

Dr. Jürg Stückelberger

Members of the Board of Directors

Forest engineer ETHZ/SIA
Dr. Sc. ETHZ

Joël Godat

Members of the Board of Directors

MSc. Environment ETHZ

Dr. Mark Bertogliati

Head of the branch office in Ticino
Members of the Board of Directors

Dr. Phil. Forest engineer ETHZ/SIA/OTIA

Dr. Patrick Della Croce

Environmental engineer ETHZ
Dr. Sc. ETHZ

Hervé Schaffter

Agronomist ETHZ

Iacopo Aiolfi

MSc. in Biogeoscience UNIL
CAS Pollution Management UNINE

Jan Holenstein

Forest engineer HAFL

Guillaume Schaller

Forest engineer HAFL

Antony Beuchat


Edwige Maitre


Leonardo Conceicao


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